Ugne Becker
Kalle Lino Peppino Ehrenstein + Caja-Sophie Haase
Christian Kummer
Jay Steinert + Maximilian Imre Schweiger
Christian Dähne
Da Hyun Hwang + Leon Calvin Rolle
Hsiao-Pei Kao
Lily Hecke

In this course we discussed the current state of webdesign and quickly found out that technological innovative agencys and the restaurant next door have one thing in common: they design their web presence using one of the thousands same looking premade wordpress templates.

Did we forgot that the user experience can or should represent the product or service they provide? In order to make a website, one have to know the basics of web-development. Many jump these steps and just want the best looking result without any complications, thus leading to the same look and feel throughout surfing the entire internet. Let's get back to DIY webdesign!

By bringing some kind of benevolence to the old new web we create spaces that everybody can visit from anywhere – hosted forever on GitHub. We are not afraid of technical hurdles. Today, more than ever, we need individuals rather than corporations to guide the web’s future.

In this course every participant had the oportunity to work on their idea and implement it into a website. There were a lot of hurdles, with hour long problem confrontations. But it is nice to see the variying results that came out of this course. HTML = 🏗️ CSS = 🎨 JS= 🪄

WiSe 20/21
Course led by: Erik Sachse
Special thanks: Marco Land
Background Video: ArtDio2020


Ugne Becker, Kalle Lino Peppino Ehrenstein, Caja-Sophie Haase, Christian Kummer, Jay Steinert, Maximilian Imre Schweiger, Lilli Thomas, Antonia Stella Pfadenhauer, Christian Dähne, Dahyun Hwang, Leon Calvin Rolle, Hsiao-Pei Kao, Juro Carl Anton Reinhardt & Lily Katherine Hecke


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